Help Prevent Sickness When Kids Return To School, Very Important Information for Parents

I want to talk about two moms that I talked to recently. One of the ladies had been in last week, and we talked about a few things for her two children that she has. Just yesterday, she shows back up in the store with a friend of hers. I guess a group of the moms have been talking, and now that school is back in session, they are bound and determined to get their kids built up and strong, so that they’re not sick, or sick too often throughout this coming school year, that is just getting under way.

If you’re a parent that has ever raised kids, you’re raising kids now, you know how the game works unfortunately. If they go to school, and they end up getting sick, which is what happens so often unfortunately, they bring it back to the house with them, and then guess what? Now mom and dad are getting sick, right? This is what we want to look at, and talk about this morning here. We talked about some things. One of the things that she came in looking for, that one of her friends talked about, was using what is known as colloidal silver, or a silver hydrosol. This is a silver liquid. It comes in a liquid, it also comes in a gel, that has got some very remarkable properties to it. I love using it for sore throats, for sinus washes. You can put it in your ears even, topically the gel is great for healing stubborn areas that don’t want to heal up well, or just use it as a common antiseptic, like you would use some of the over the counter things when you get scratches and bites, and things of that nature.

That was one of the things that we talked about. As we got into a little bit of a discussion, I said, you know there’s two things that I really believe all parents should be giving to their kids, outside of the regular multi-vitamin approach that most moms and dads give them, would be to make sure that they’re getting enough vitamin D. All children should be taking at least 1,000 IUs of vitamin D3 every day. What’s nice is, you can get them in drops now. One drop is 1,000 IUs of vitamin D3. Very, very simple to get them to take it. It tastes good. This is very, very good for their immune system, as we heard in the previous segment, how helpful it is even for things like UTIs.

The other thing that I recommend for parents to consider for their children during the school year is probiotics. We’ve got the children’s probiotics that are chewable. Why would I go this route? If you stop and consider for a minute that over seventy percent of your immune system is in your gut, it only makes sense that the healthier their gut is, with that friendly bacteria, the healthier their immune system is going to be, because seventy percent of that immune system lies right there. Definitely you want to look at something like Premadolphilous childrens. They come in a black cherry flavor, or an orange flavor. There are about three billion friendly bacteria per chewable.

I raised both my kids on those things, and to this day, if you were to look in the refrigerator in my home, you would see a bottle of them there, because my daughter, when her tummy is not feeling right, she’ll grab a couple of them and chew them up. They’re very, very good, even just for upset stomach situations. It’s another approach that ought to be considered there. The other thing I encouraged the two ladies to keep handy at home, is something called Sambucus for children. They also make an adult formula of this too. Sambucus is a patented form of an elderberry extract. Many of you have heard the story about the elderberry extract now. It’s been around for several years, a number of years now.

A lot of the research went on in Israel awhile back, by a top virologist, studies viral applications. They find that this Sambucus is extremely good in viral situations, which is what most kids are dealing with, not only kids, even mom and dad when they go out and work, go out to the stores and things like that, we fly on an airplane, it’s viruses that are more likely to get you sick. Yes, there’s bacteria here and there, don’t get me wrong, but primarily what drives colds and flues is viruses. This elderberry extract, especially for children, this immune formula that they have, has the elderberry extract in there, along with some echinacea, some zinc, and some vitamin C, all common things we all recognize as being good for the immune system, and good for the cold and flu season.

I’ll run back through that for you, so listen up, if you’re raising kids, or you are grandparents, and you want to get this information over to your kids. Let them know, vitamin D3, 1,000 IU, one drop per day, some probiotics, preferably the Primadolphilus for children that’s chewable, that the kids will like. Have the Sambucus for children immune formula hand. It’s a syrup by the way. Have that handy at home, so at the first sign that they’re getting some type of snotty nose, or congestion, things like that, you can get them on really quickly.

Lastly, also keep that colloidal silver around for washing out the nasal passages, good for sore throats. You can even put a few drops under their tongue every day, just as another way to give a boost to their immune system. These are all good things to have handy. If you haven’t already figured it out, sugar is a culprit on their immune system. You don’t want to be sending them out the door with some big amount of sugar in their body that’s suppressing their immune system, it makes them weaker when they go into that environment.

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