Combat Stress! #1 Get Enough Sleep.. Top Natural Sleep Aid Supplements Revealed

This information was provided by GoodNews…Naturally! A Health & Wellness Show with over 25 Years experience in the natural health field.

Sleep, are you having trouble with sleep?

In that last segment, I was talking about the fact that the number one thing we can do to combat stress, is to make sure we get that good complete night’s sleep. It’s essential for the body to heal, repair. They’re now connecting a number of diseases, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even the problems that we see with mental decline as we get older, things like dementia, and other catastrophic problems going on in the brain, with not getting good sleep and repair process throughout the years of your life.

What do you do? What works for you?

You’re welcome to go to our Facebook page, and post up some stuff about what you do to help get a good night’s sleep. I know many of you are good about using your diffusers, and use some quality essential oils from Now Foods, and some of the other brands that you purchase at’s lots of good essential oils that can do that. Stop by and check that out, if you haven’t thought about doing that.

Top 3 Natural Sleep Aids 

I talk with many of the customers on a daily basis and we are going to cover some of the best natural products for sleep. First, I know people have told me they do, is they like to mix a magnesium powder into some hot tea, or warm tea in the evening to help set them up for a good night’s sleep. The magnesium powder that they’re using at Paradise Health is called Natural Calm by Natural Vitality. C-A-L-M, Calm, very simple. That’s something to think about if you want to apply something like that.

The number one product that we sell in the natural sleep aid realm that so many people continue to rely on for that good restful night’s sleep, is a product called, Tranquil Sleep, Tranquil Sleep. I prefer this, it comes in a chewable and a softgel tablet. I like the chewable. It tastes good. I use it literally every night. It contains some 5HTP, some Suntheanine, and some melatonin. These are all very, very good to work on different areas of what interrupts our sleep, helping us to fall asleep, get into that good quiet night’s sleep. When we wake up, we don’t feel drugged, or hung over.

Don’t forget the warning that I put out a little while back about the fact that some of these sleep medications, both over the counter, and prescribed, are now being connected to development of dementia later in life. Be very careful with any of these over the counter and prescribed sleep drugs that are out there.

Lastly, if you wake up in the middle of the night, and your mind is buzzing like crazy, you can’t get it to shut down, there is another chewable wafer that people find very helpful called PharmaGABA, G-A-B-A, PharmaGABA. Just chew one of those, and usually within a few minutes that gets you right back to sleep, and you get into that nice restful night’s sleep.

Again, the beauty of using these things, you don’t wake up with that hung over feeling, or it takes you half the morning to even wake up, or you’ve got to have four cups of coffee before you wake up. Many of you have told me that the stuff you’ve used causes drowsiness. I don’t want you to feel that way. That’s not the way to do it.

More to come!


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