Hibiscus – Beneficial Herb – Recent Study

Hibiscus is an herb that has been shown to be very, very beneficial in the area blood pressure. Let me talk to you about a couple of studies. The active components they find in hibiscus turn out to be something called anthocyanadin glycosides.

There’s been a number of double blind placebo controlled studies with both prehypertensive patients and fully hypertensive patients. Meaning that people that were in the pre areas of having high blood pressure and people that were diagnosed with blood pressure. Now, in these studies that they did with hibiscus, they found that these people that they used were not taking any antihypertensive drugs. They were on no blood pressure drugs whatsoever.

First study I will tell you about, there were 65 patients involved, 30 to 70 years old, and they were giving them 240 milliliters of a brewed hibiscus tea everyday or placebo. After six weeks, the tea lowered the systolic blood pressure by 7.2 on that scale versus only 1.3 in the folks that did not get the hibiscus tea. There was another study done where they compared hibiscus tea with black tea in 60 diabetic patients with mild hypertension. Again, they were not on any blood pressure medicine. In this case, the systolic or the top number decreased from 134 at the beginning of the study, to 112.

Now, the black tea group, their blood pressure … This was in normal people that they used in that arm of the study, the black tea took the blood pressure from 119 to 127, so their blood pressure actually went up using black tea. Lastly, there was another study with 193 patients that were given a hibiscus extract. Now, this is a standardized extract which is what I recommend people use, and they compared it to 10 milligrams of lisinopril, which is a common drug that is known as an ACE inhibitor.

Now, I’ll tell you right up front, the lisinopril worked a little bit better than the hibiscus extract did. However, there is a lot of side effects to lisinopril and other ACE inhibitors that you should be aware of. The result showed that the hibiscus extract decreased the top number, the systolic blood pressure by 17 points, and the diastolic or the bottom number by almost 12 points. No side effects were recorded in the hibiscus extract group. This is a fantastic herb for blood pressure. I know many of you heard about hibiscus tea on the Dr. Oz Show.

We do have a lot of people that shop at TheVitaminStore.com that use hibiscus tea regularly to help with their blood pressure. Now, if you are not a big tea fan, plus, I just like the fact of using standardized extracts, I think it’s a better approach. The reason is, is that when herbs are grown, they can vary greatly between the potencies. When you use a standardized extract, that means you’re going to get the same level of anthocyanadins each in every capsule, and I believe it gives you a better, steady overall dose. A couple capsules a day may be all you need to help with blood pressure.

In addition to hibiscus, because I was thinking about this as our herb spotlight, there’s another herb that I greatly favor in the area of blood pressure, too, known as hawthorn berry extract. I know many of you have heard about hawthorn berry and its benefit with heart health. Those two herbs can be used together.

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