Fish Oils and Omega 3 Fatty Acids During Pregnancy – Recent Study

Now, speaking of fish oils and omega 3 fatty acids that you’re going to be learning about, there is a new study out that I wanted to highlight this week that talks about the correlation between high fish consumption during pregnancy and how it’s tied to brain benefits in kids.

When I read this, I was immediately reminded of a story I just did for you not long ago about how women when they become pregnant and utilized probiotics and they had high level of friendly bacteria in their gut, how that played a role in the development in those children of autism and Asperger’s and other brain disorders in children. You remember that story? You can find that story out there at Dr. Michael Murray’s website. Just look up if you want to go look at that information. This story is very similar to this. What they did was they followed 2000 mother and child pairs from the first trimester of pregnancy through the child’s fifth birthday.

What they found was, is that the mothers that ate the most fish while they were pregnant had an absolutely phenomenal impact on these children’s lives as they got older. What we find is, is that the women that averaged about 600 grams or what would be equivalent of about 21 ounces of fish weekly during pregnancy, again, had this big impact, and I’ll get to that in just a minute. One of the things that they were quick to point out, was that in this study, because there’s been warnings about eating a lot of fish when you’re pregnant because of the environmental toxicities that are showing up in fish such as mercury and PCBs.

What they did was, they extracted some blood and tissue samples from the cord at birth and checked it for these toxicities and found no evidence of toxicity in the cord going to the baby, okay? There’s a very good possibility that the human body has an ability to block these from being transferred to the fetus. There’s more research to be done here and they were quick to point that out. They went on to talk about the fact that in these women, there was a direct correlation between the functioning of … how the brain functioned in these kids up through their fifth year of life.

There was also a dramatic reduction in whether or not these children develop autism and/or Asperger’s along the way, too. Even some of the researchers from the US; this study was done in Barcelona, Spain, they were quite pleased with this outcome. They said, obviously, we need to do more studies here, but there was a direct impact about the fish consumption in the health of the children’s brain up until this fifth year of school. You can imagine that the benefits were lifelong for these children.

First of all, let me just get to the point here. The good news here is that if you don’t like fish … and I’m thinking to myself, there’s a lot of women that when they’re having nauseousness because of morning sickness, fish is the furthest thing from their mind. To safely consume omega 3 fatty acids, you want to use high quality fish oil supplements such is a good omega 3 fatty acids like Ultimate Omega, or you could look at something like a good high quality Norwegian cod liver type oil, that type of thing.

Those recommendations are available for you at Paradise Health & Nutrition. There’s going to be more and more research coming out about how we can change the lives of children not only from birth and on, but throughout their entire lifetime. Not only do I think these benefits are going to continue to show up in brain health, but we’ll also see it showing up in their immune health over the long run.

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