The herb in the spotlight this morning is called fenugreek, fenugreek. Many of you know fenugreek because it’s a common spice that’s in your spice cabinet. Most people have it in their spice cabinet and use in a lot of different recipes for different things. I also wanted to focus in on what this herb can do for your overall general health. One of the things that fenugreek’s been studied probably most for over the years as far as a natural medicine is its impact on blood sugar. It seems that fenugreek has an ability to stimulate insulin production when your blood sugar levels are high. What they found was that in normal blood sugar levels, it did not cause an increase in production of insulin, so that’s a good thing. Fenugreek, number-one thing it’s been studied for over the years has been for blood sugar benefit.

The next thing that you see a lot of relation to with fenugreek as far as natural medicine is for helping with mother’s milk, with breast milk flow. There is a tea that’s been around for many, many years in the natural products industry called Mother’s Milk, Mother’s Milk Tea. The number-one thing that’s in there is fenugreek seed. Fenugreek seed, again, helps with milk production in women that are having trouble lactating. Lots of doctors and nutritionists and people around the area send the new moms into Paradise Health & Nutrition to get that Mother’s Milk Tea to help with lactation.

Fenugreek is also good for lung health, believe it or not. Very, very good for helping with opening up the lungs and helping to get rid of the excess phlegm. Somewhat acts like an expectorant to help get it out of your system. There’s a lot of phlegm built up in there causing you a cough or having that looseness in your chest, fenugreek does help to get that extracted out of there.

Some of the other things that fenugreek has been studied for over the years, there is a new extract that was studied, I remember reporting on this a while back, out of Australia, an extract called Testofen. Testofen is a fenugreek extract that’s been shown to actually help with men’s libido and sexual function. That is something that you see found in a lot of the men’s products these days. There’s also some folklore about breast enlargement with fenugreek and you want to be careful, obviously, if you have any issues with estrogen dominance or something like that, not to be using fenugreek in a case like that. All the information that you could ever want about fenugreek is available for you at Paradise Health & Nutrition. Just stop in there and our staff in there would be glad to help you choose the right fenugreek product for you.

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