Cold and flu season

Cold and Flu Season – What to Know – Natural Prevention

All right, cold and flu season is upon us. Cold and flu season is upon us, and we need to know what is the difference between a cold and flu. Many of you guys already know some of these things, but let’s talk about them just briefly. Typically, within a cold, if you have a cold, there’s little to no fever involved. Sometimes you can have a headache, but it’s very rare. You get the stuffy, runny nose. You got the sneezing, mild cough, maybe a few aches and pains and some mild fatigue and possibly even accompanied with a sore throat. That’s your typical snotty nose, sneezing, coughing type of thing that you see with a cold.

Whereas the flu, a lot of times you know when that flu’s coming on because you’re exhausted. You’re tired, you don’t want to get out of bed. You’ve got a high fever, you’ve got a headache, more of a stuffy nose. A lot of times you got the sneezing and a heavy cough that’s involved in there. A lot of times the flu is accompanied with severe aches and pains. A lot of times you can tell how fast it’s coming on, whether it’s a common cold or whether it is the flu, but if you’re not sure, either talk to somebody that can help you through that and/or get in and see your doctor.

Now what are some of the things that we can be doing? The first thing I want to remind you about is that one of the things that can lead you to being more prone to developing the cold or flu is dehydration. It’s important that you stay hydrated this time of the year. It’s also important that you keep your sinus passages hydrated. The reason I say that is this, is that typically when the weather changes, it’s nasty out, it’s rainy, it’s cold, it’s windy. People stay inside more often and possibly the heat’s on, but it’s typically going to be drier within your home or business or wherever you happen to be versus being out. When your sinuses dry out more, you’re more susceptible to a virus coming on from a cold or even the flu.

If you need some help with dry sinuses, I recommend something called colloidal silver, or Sovereign Silver. You can check that out at Paradise Health & Nutrition. There’s also a xylitol nasal spray known as XLEAR, X, the letter X-L-E-A-R, XLEAR. That’s very good for the nasal passages, especially good for kids. That was originally developed for children by a pediatrician many, many years ago. Those are things that you could do.

The other thing I have a warning for you about is watch the ibuprofen and the acetaminophen. Typically, when people get sick like this, they typically take these over-the-counter pain medications to help with their pain and their discomfort and things of that nature. You want to be very careful with using NSAIDs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, everything from the Motrins, the Tylenols, to Aleves and Advil and things like that. Be very careful with these things, because there’s now a connection between these things and heart health, the possibility of higher blood pressure, and even heart attack and stroke, believe it or not. The warning about this is getting clearer and clearer.

Now you need help getting your immune system boosted up, there’s no better place to go locally than Paradise Health & Nutrition. Talk to the staff there. One of my favorite recommendations this time of the year besides making sure you’re getting plenty of vitamin D3 and vitamin C is an extract of cat’s claw, that’s an herb, called Saventaro, S-A-V as in Victor-E-N-T-A-R-O, Saventaro. This extract of cat’s claw has been clinically studied to help get to the deep, deep levels of your immune system to really help what is known the acquired immune system. Many, many years ago, I nicknamed this product “flu shot in a box.” They don’t make it in a box anymore. It’s just in a bottle. That’s Saventaro, and you can find that at Paradise Health & Nutrition. Get in there, let them help you get ready for this cold and flu season.

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