“One” Is The Magic Number—Says Recent Study On Sexual Health in America

Couples who have sex at least once a week are the happiest, according to one recent study published in the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. Based on data collected over the past 40 years on 30,000+ Americans, the biennial University of Chicago study is the first of its kind to find this corollary in spite of the popular notion that, “more sex equals more happiness”. The correlation between happiness and sexual frequency ends (with once a week). “Although more frequent sex is associated with greater happiness, this link was no longer significant at a frequency of more than once a week,” lead researcher Amy Muise said. ”

Instead, the findings point to the importance of partners maintaining an intimate connection….with or without sex. This seemed to be true for both men and women regardless of their age and the length of time they’d been married, or in an established relationship.

Sex and Money

As part of the recent study, another survey of 335 people (138 men, 197 women) indicated that sex lead to happier couples overall….not money. Researchers asked couples in long-term relationships about the frequency of sexual activity, along with their average annual incomes. Results concluded that there was a significant difference in happiness levels between couples who had sex less than once a month and those who had sex once a week. When the same couples were asked about income, those who made between $50,000 and $75,000 annually were no happier than those making $15,000 to $25,000.

The take away from all this would indicate that sex and intimacy are what really matters to most of us in romantic relationships.



It’s no secret that nutrition affects every aspect of life—including your sex life.In fact, the two most common complaints doctors hear related to sexual health are impotency and loss of libido. Both of these can be the result, (either directly or indirectly) of poor diet. Excess sugar in the bloodstream along with certain vitamin deficiencies may be responsible for sexual dysfunction in many cases.

What the Body Needs

Proper sexual function is dependent on the health of the nerves and blood vessels connected with sexual organs. Diabetes for example, damages the lining of blood vessels as well as the nerves that signal sex organs to respond. This results in lack of sensation and/or inability to function.

Vitamin A-Produces male and female sex hormones.
The B vitamin, niacin-Aids in circulation and dilates blood vessels.
Vitamin B6-Stimulates the gonadotrophin hormones that lead to the production of sex hormones.
Vitamin C- Helps increase blood flow.
Vitamin E-Aids in increased blood flow and oxygen to the genitals and increases vitality.

Natures Nutrition

By supplementing the body with additional nutritional support many people begin to experience healthy sexual activity once again.

Zinc Citrate 50mg – 90 Tabs – Natural Factors

Zinc aids the body in healthy sexual function, immune system support, sensory functions, and skin and wound health. It is also necessary for the proper function of several hormones, including insulin, growth hormone and sex hormones. Because citrates are well absorbed by the body, zinc citrate provides an excellent form of zinc that is well tolerated.


L-Arginine helps the body form nitric oxide, for use by the circulatory system. It also supports muscle metabolism as well.

Supporting the body for healthy sexual activity is an ongoing process. As we age and develop certain medical conditions, it’s important to look to diet and nutritional deficiencies for answers. Regular use of dietary supplements can provide the necessary foundation for healthy sexual function.

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