supplements for weight management

26 Supplements to Support Healthy Weight Management

According to the National Institute of Health, nearly 69% of adults are either overweight or obese. This leaves individuals vulnerable to a number of health-related conditions including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, fatty liver disease, osteoarthritis, stroke, and some cancers.

Everyday, our bodies work to produce energy from the foods we eat.
Body fat is either stored or mobilized for conversion to energy, based on the number of calories we consume and burn. Through the process of thermogenesis (digestion, absorption, transportation and storage of food consumed) and physical activity, calories are utilized.

Natural nutritional supplements can aid in healthy weight management for individuals who need support.

*Best Seller – PGX Daily Ultra Matrix – 240 Softgels – Natural Factors*

Delivers fiber to the body for long-lasting feelings of fullness.

PGX Daily Singles – Natural Factors

PGX (PolyGlycopleX), a blend of polysaccharides (fibers) dissolves in water and helps reduce appetite and control food cravings.

L-Carnitine 500mg – 60 Veg Caps – Natural Factors

L-Carnitine converts fat to energy through amino acid. It also supports
better heart, liver and vascular health.

Whey Factors Drink Mix Unflavored – Natural Factors

Whey Factors® adds important protein to the diet which aids in building muscle through branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).

Whey Factors Drink Mix Strawberry – Natural Factors

An excellent source of protein, designed to help build muscle through branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).

Whey Factors Drink Mix Chocolate – Natural Factors

Natural Factors Whey Factors® provides a non-hydrolyzed and non-denatured protein blend to aid in muscle building.

Whey Factors Drink Mix Vanilla – Natural Factors

This provides a pure source of whey protein in a delicious vanilla flavor. Protein is needed for healthy muscle formation.

Whey Factors Drink Mix Matcha Green – 12 Oz. – Natural Factors

Supports muscle building through quality, low carbohydrate protein powder rich in amino acids.

Apple Cider Vinegar – 500mg, 180+180 Caps – Natural Factors

Natural Factors Apple Cider Vinegar cleanses toxins from the body, improves digestion, and blood circulation.

PGX Satisfast Drink Mix Chocolate – 8.9 Oz – Natural Factors

PGX Satisfast protein drink, with 100% natural protein promotes a feeling of fullness without adding excess calories.

Lypo Gold – Enzymedic

Contains Lipase Enzymes, which allow the body to metabolize fats effectively. Aids in nutrient absorption as well.

RAW Organic Meal Vanilla (Mini) – 558g Powder – Garden of Life

Garden of Life® RAW Meal formula provides energy as a well-balanced meal replacement supplement. Contains 20 vitamins and minerals essential for healthy living.

RAW Organic Meal Vanilla Chai (Mini) – 557g Powder – Garden of Life

Contains 26 superfoods from RAW sprouts, greens, and organic seeds. Intended as a meal replacement supplement providing energy, protein and fiber.

RAW Organic Meal Chocolate (Mini) – 606g Powder – Garden of Life

Garden of Life® RAW Meal satisfies hunger while providing well-balanced nutrition through essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein.

RAW Organic Meal (Mini) – 593g Powder – Garden of Life

Provides an excellent source of nutrition as a meal replacement. Garden of Life® RAW Meal is gluten free, dairy free and lactose free.

CLA Tonalin – Natural Factors

Helps block fat from fat cell storage through interference of lipoprotein lipase.

WellBetX Pgx Plus Mulberry – 180 Caps – Natural Factors

WellBetX® PGX® promotes healthy blood sugar levels and a sense of fullness.

Slimstyles 100% Pure Pgx – 5 Oz. pack – Natural Factors

Offers a blend of water-soluble polysaccharides (fibers) to help control appetite and reduce food cravings.

Organic RAW Protein Original – 622g powder – Garden of Life

Provides an excellent source of protein through organic, vegan protein powder.

RAW Fit – 451g Powder – Garden of Life

RAW Fit® enhances protein intake, helps burn fat, boosts energy, and maintains blood sugar levels in the body.

RAW Fit Marley Coffee Flavor – 443g Powder – Garden of Life

Helps support healthy blood sugar levels, builds muscle mass, and promotes energy.

Vitamin Code Perfect Weight Multi – vegetarian capsules – Garden of Life

Supports healthy metabolism, immune system function, heart health, and digestion while promoting physical and mental energy.

FucoThin Green – 90 Capsules – Garden of Life

Combines RAW Concentrated Fucoxanthin with RAW Green Coffee Bean Extract. Minimizes fat storage, supports healthy blood sugar levels, and boosts metabolism.

FucoThin – Garden of Life

Promotes healthy weight loss through increased thermogenics, without stimulants such as caffeine.

Organic RAW Meal Original – 2.6 lbs powder – Garden of Life

Used as a snack or meal replacement providing energy through organic, well-balanced nutrition.

Slimstyles Pgx Ultra Matrix Plus Soothe Digest -120 softgels – Natural Factors

Lowers the glycemic index, promotes metabolism, and inhibits natural food cravings.


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