16 Ways to Support Hormone Health

The endocrine system within the body controls several vital functions including, growth and cell production, appetite, sleep, digestion, respiration, reproduction and mood. Hormones, acting as chemical messengers help the various organs and structures to communicate with each other. When these are naturally balanced, the body functions at an optimal level.

With age and certain medical conditions, hormones may become imbalanced and create a number of medical conditions and symptoms including:

Adrenal fatigue
Thyroid disease
Metabolic Syndrome
Sexual dysfunction
Weight gain
Limited energy
Loss of Hair
Loss of libido
Mood swings
Sleep disturbances
Difficulty concentrating
Loss of memory

Natural Solutions—Supplemental Support

Fortunately natural vitamin and herbal supplements can help relieve many of the symptoms associated with a hormone imbalance.

Stress-Relax Melatonin – Natural Factors

Necessary for the natural sleep cycle, melatonin may be “under-produced” in some individuals.

Thyroid Health Formula – Natural Factors

Thyroid Health Formula supports thyroid function necessary for a healthy metabolism.

Women’s Black Cohosh Extract – 90 Caps – Natural Factors

Offers supplemental support for PMS and Menopause.

Black Cohosh – 80mg, 60 Softgels – Natural Factors

Black Cohosh helps relieve many of the uncomfortable symptoms associated with PMS and menopause, including hot flashes and night sweats.

WomenSense ThyroSense – 60 Caps – Natural Factors

WomenSense ThyroSense helps support healthy thyroid function through herbs and nutrients.

Women’s Vitex Extract 80mg – 90 Caps Natural Factors

Vitex works to balance hormones, thereby minimizing many of the uncomfortable symptoms associated with PMS and menopause.

Thyroid Care – Europharma – Terry Naturally

This nutritional supplement supports healthy thyroid and immune function. Containing iodine, necessary for metabolic processes, and L-Tyrosine needed for the production of thyroid hormones, Thyroid Care works naturally within the body.

Tri-Iodine-Terry Naturally

Iodine is necessary for thyroid function and supports the body’s immune system, enhancing libido and energy. Tri-Iodine supplements iodine deficiency.

AdrenaSense – 120 Caps – WomenSense – Natural FactorsAdrenaSense®

AdrenaSense® supports the body naturally through herbal supplementation that helps promote sleep and healthy function of adrenal glands.

Adrenaplex 60 ct capsules – Europharma – Terry Naturally

Helps support optimal adrenal gland function through safe, bio-identical DHEA, the hormone depleted during stressful times.

Iodine Co-Factors 120 ct capsules – Europharma – Terry Naturally

Iodine provides support necessary for optimal thyroid function and the metabolic process.

MenoSense – 90 Caps – WomenSense – Natural Factors

MenoSense naturally relieves symptoms associated with menopause, including hot flashes and night sweats.

ThyroSense – 120 Caps – WomenSense – Natural Factors

ThyroSense® helps balance and support healthy thyroid function.

Pomxtra 60 ct softgels – Europharma – Terry Naturally

This product provides powerful antioxidants that help protect the body from Free-Radical damage.

EstroSense – 60 Caps – WomenSense – Hormone Balance – Natural Factors

EstroSense® provides support for optimal female hormone balance.

Oceans 3 Healthy Hormones – 90 softgels – Garden of Life

This supplement supports hormone health by providing high potency Omega-3 acids along with a trio of botanicals. These work together to minimize uncomfortable menopausal symptoms.

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