Enzymedica Therapeutic Supplements

Enzymedica ViraStop—Through a highly potent blend of protease enzymes the ViraStop formula breaks down undigested protein, cellular debris and toxins in the blood so the immune system doesn’t have to.  Most proteins can be dissolved through the proprietary blend that contains eight different proteases allowing the body’s natural immune system to concentrate on defense against viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites.  ViraStop does not stimulate the immune system, but works to balance it.   

ViraStop 2X is two times stronger than Enzymedica’s ViraStop and can be used at the onset of respiratory or sinus distress.  The formula contains the highest blend of therapeutic proteolytic enzymes.  For seasonal sufferers of nasal congestion, the supplements replace other herbal remedies found in the natural health marketplace.  ViraStop 2X can also be taken daily for immune support as well.  If ingested on an empty stomach the Thera-blend formula with eight different proteases promotes the breakdown and elimination of proteins, freeing up the body’s natural immune system to fight bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.         

Natto-K, made from the Japanese food known as “natto” the Nattokinase blend contributes several proteases that break down proteins, increase circulation and promote cardiovascular health.  The Nato-K formula is found to produce plasmin in the body, which may dissolve blood clots formed by fibrin circulating in the blood.  For daily use, the nattokinase enzyme targets the sticky substance that lines blood vessels to create optimal cardiovascular well being.     

Repair—Created to relieve sore, overworked muscles after a day at the gym or on the job, Repair by Enzymedica utilizes a highly potent proteolytic enzyme formula to support muscle tissue and overall joint function.  With targeted release for optimal delivery, protease, bromelain, papain and catalase enzymes work with the body’s own restorative mechanisms to help overworked muscles recover.  Enzymes from pineapple and papaya support healthy inflammation and blood circulation to repair joint function.

Repair Gold—Repair Gold contains proteolytic enzymes to support tissue, repair tired, overworked muscles and aid in joint health.  The added benefit of serrapeptase promotes circulation and maintains the balance of interstitial fluid within the body.  The Repair Gold formula helps support the body’s natural ability to restore and repair itself.

SerraGold—SerraGold contains the enzyme, serratiopeptidase known to promote a healthy inflammatory response in the body.  Because the enzyme works to reduce irritation and swelling it helps with joint inflammation as well as circulation, promoting cardiovascular health.  Serra Gold is formulated with the highest potency of serratiopeptidase available, strong enough to survive the digestive tract and circulate through the body remaining active.  The vegetarian source contained in SerraGold provides minerals that make the product gentle on the stomach as the enzyme works to support joint function and promote mobility in individuals.

MucoStop works as proteolytic enzymes break down mucus in the body due to seasonal changes, cold weather and some medications.  While mucus is necessary as a protein to protect vital organs and bind pathogens in the body for elimination, excess mucus can cause congestion and discomfort for individuals.  MucoStop is made of a blend of proteolytic and mucolytic enzymes necessary to break down mucus in the body.  The patented blend of Mucolase, protease and amylase work together to help overcome many of the symptoms associated with seasonal changes including mucus in the lungs, chest and sinuses.

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