Enzymedica Digestive Products

The Thera-blend Process

The majority of individuals suffering from poor digestive function are doing so in the alkaline area of the digestive tract.  While the small intestine is supposed to be very acidic, it is neutralized and made alkaline through over-the-counter antacids and proton pump inhibitors designed to reduce acid.  This creates an alkaline environment poor for digestion.  Enzymes that work in an alkaline or neutral environment are needed.  Thera-blend combines enzymes that work to break down protein bonds in varying pH environments.

Acid Sooth—Acid Sooth helps soothe acid reflux and the painful symptoms of burning in the throat.  When stomach acid comes into contact with the lining of the esophagus and irritation occurs, heartburn and indigestion cause distress.  Different than other products that reduce acid production, Acid Soothe helps by gently and safely introducing a small amount of enzyme into the body for digestion, along with gentle herbs to soothe the affected area.  The natural enzyme formula works with the body’s own processes to quickly correct any digestive issues.

Digest Basic—A less potent formula with Thera-blend that helps with infrequent digestive complaints, creating greater energy and regularity.  Digest Basic is safe for the entire family and can be taken with each meal to aid digestion and elimination.  Created as an introductory enzyme supplement, Digest Basic will also take stress off of the digestive system and increase efficiency throughout the body.

Digest—As an enzyme supplement, Digest is perfect for individuals with more frequent digestive complaints.  For those who experience digestive problems with one specific food or have difficulty with a single ongoing symptom, Digest works very well.  When food is poorly digested, fats, proteins and carbohydrates ferment and particles can leak back into the bloodstream causing toxicity that may lead to loss of energy and a weakened immune system.  Digest works to inhibit this process.

Digest Gold Plus Probiotics offers a highly potent enzyme formula that aids individuals with acute or chronic digestive problems.  Active probiotic cultures promote intestinal wellness through beneficial flora in the digestive tract.  They also work to support the body’s immune system and produce essential vitamins including vitamin B and vitamin K.  Through exclusive TherActive technology probiotics are delivered efficiently to the body’s small intestine only when body temperature, pH, pancreatic fluids and digestive movement are right.  Considered close to pharmaceutical grade, Digest Gold Plus Probiotics is 100% vegetarian with no artificial fillers.

For individuals who have used too many over-the-counter products for the reduction of acid or for those coming off of a proton pump inhibitor, a combination of products including Acid Soothe, and Digest Basic or Digest Gold offers a gentle soothing approach to acid reflux. 

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